Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen

Luminous Phenomenon in Atmosphere
Hessdalen, August, 29, 2003: invitation to analysis

The 2003 ICPH's summer activity regarded the instrumentation that was duly controlled and tested (VLF and ULF radio, radar, MPS, etc.) and an Hessdalen pre-mission to prepare the 2004 Winter Mission.
During this last activity, Jader Monari and Luca Andreoli observed a luminous phenomenon in atmosphere, at this time of unknown nature. The event had been noticed the 29 August at 22.50 local time.The original material, as all data collected by researchers of our Committee, is available for other researchers that are willing to analyse it.The procedure is simple: they could send a request to the Committee by an e-mail with a short proposal about the intended research and with a short personal (or team) curriculum.
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. An Italian illustrative brochure written by Monari and Andreoli regarding their sighting could be request (1Mb) to:

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